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lampMy Application Tarkan

June 17, 2018, 08:49:11 pm by Tarkan | Views: 142 | Comments: 11

Real Name: Tarik

Nickname: Tarkan

Your Previous nicks: I've used a few such as smoogie, Elpyro and the latest one was Taki but they were just for a short time

D.O.B/Age: 29.03.1999/19

Location/Country: Serbia

GMT/TimeZone: GMT +2

Servers you usually play on: littlewhitey's most of the time, besides that I hop on CTF when there's activity

Are you currently banned in any of the official servers?: No.

VC-MP History: I've been playing this game actively since 2014. I've tried this online mod for the first time back in 2008 but I didn't really like it that much, I wasn't interested in deathmatching back then as I was playing on a SA-MP drift server before that and afterwards till 2014. First clan I was in was EAF that was in 2014/2015. Roleplay clan, I wasn't really aware how stuff worked back then around VC:MP so I quickly got bored of roleplaying and got interested more in deathmatching. Once I've left EAF after 6 months of being a clan member, morphine has invited me to TRC and I've been there for the past 3 years until recently when I figured it's time to move on and find another adventure (if you can call it like that xD). I've been a Captain in my previous clan if that's of any significance to you. I've been a part of staff teams of numerous servers also, most of them are the ones which are popular and official now.

Why do you want to Join MK ?: Most of the people I hang out with during my playtime on littlewhitey's are from this clan. I'd like if I joined them and to see what this clan can offer. I guess that's about it.

Why did you Leave your previous clan/s: I've stated that under VC-MP history few rows above.

IRC or Any other contact info: IRC, Discord, Steam

Interested In Playing Clan Wars: Sure

Any Other Info You Would Like To Share: I've talked with Halchter about having my brother in this clan with me too. He's my real life brother and we play together. Back when I was TRC he really wanted to be in the clan with me so he's confirmed that he's interested in joining MK with me if you guys allow him. As I've told Halchter, he's 10 years old and I don't think he'll use the forums that much and regarding his application he probably won't give much information himself if he fills it up and if I fill it up for him and reply in his name that wouldn't really be his application. I can go on and pass him all the information you guys want to tell him as we live in the same house. Other than that, I guess the main problem is that not many of you guys know him except Halchter. He doesn't really pay attention to the chat when he plays but rather focuses on the game. His name is Vakica, he can kick a butt or two. :D

Post link to your previous Application/s at MK if any: None.

lampMy Application ArThaS.*

June 09, 2018, 10:59:51 am by ArThaS. | Views: 246 | Comments: 12

Real Name: Abid Imran

Nickname: ArThaS.*

Your Previous nicks: Dangerous

D.O.B/Age: 3 Sep,2004  13 years old

Location/Country: Pakistan

GMT/TimeZone: GMT +5:00

Servers you usually play on: Little Whitey's

Are you currently banned in any of the official servers?: -----

VC-MP History: Playing vcmp since 2013. I m 5 years old. But i leave vcmp many times. Means when i join vcmp i play for 3 years regularly then i have for an year and now i started playing.
Previous Clans: RK , HS , DAK.

Why do you want to Join MK ?: My friends are in this clans. Also my dream to join it. I love MK tag and also so old and powerful clan. i m in love of this clan.

Why did you Leave your previous clan/s: Previous clan closed :'(

IRC or Any other contact info: Facebook. Abid Mughal

Interested In Playing Clan Wars: Yes, But not much.

Any Other Info You Would Like To Share: Other information is that Just i m 5 years old. this is my dream clan. Rest is my best friend. Halchter was my best friend at any time but he forgot me..

Post link to your previous Application/s at MK if any: ----

xxThe most awaited promotions.

May 13, 2018, 08:50:08 am by Crack
Views: 558 | Comments: 25

Hello everyone,

Over time we met people and we learn something from them, I'm saying this because this is more than a clan, more than a team, we are a family. To be honest it's nice to learn a bit from other cultures.

The reason that I'm here is to announce something that I think most of us were waiting, I mean, a promotion for two of our members.
First of all I need to say sorry because I know both were waiting a lot for this, I'm happy to have you both here, with us.

Let's start with this great moment.

Fabbel, our beautiful girl and in this family OMG I have to admit we have good memories in this game. I'm not sure if you remember the Sky City and EA times (good old times) I meet you playing with your nick "Fabbel" I thought that you were a boy lol, after talking with you we made a friendship. In that time I was OSK clan member, we had good moments with these guys.  ;D :'(.

On May 16, It will be your 5th year being part of this family, really the time pass so fast!.

We have a gift for you and that's why we are glad to announce you are now promoted to Full Member. (You earned it, thanks for your loyalty and for your great attitude as always).

To be honest yesterday I was tired, I just joined LW's server because I saw you playing once again :-* :'(. (We played almost all the night lol)

I know I've a lot of orthographic errors, I want to learn from you. Congratulations.

AttackerX, I know we accepted you a year (or more) in this clan, We just meet few times in game because of your in real life stuff. as I see, you were in forums and in-game few days ago. Good, let me tell you It's a pleasure to announce we have decided to promote you to Scout. I'm sure with effort and being nice as always you will get the last promotion soon.

I hope the day that every inactive members come back, it's hard, but I hope.

Attacker, good luck with your irl stuff. Me and everyone is waiting for you to play again.

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