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News: DeViL_JiN has been accepted as a Scout.

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lampMy Application IBEE_tH3_RuL3R

June 02, 2020, 08:33:09 pm by iBEE_tH3_RuL3R
Views: 443 | Comments: 19

Real Name: Muhammad Ibrahim

Nickname: IBEE_tH3_RuL3R

Your Previous nicks: ibee_19 , ibee, IBEE_786

D.O.B/Age: 17-05-2000 / 20

Location/Country: Pakistan

GMT/TimeZone: GMT + 05:00

Servers you usually play on: [0.4]Extreme-Addicts, [0.4]Rob The Vehicle, [PTP]Legends-Protect the President, [MK]Capture The Flag, [0.4]Littlewhitey's vc:mp server

Are you currently banned in any of the official servers?: Nope, Not at all.

VC-MP History: Frankly speaking, I started VC:MP in the early 2018, 2 years have passed.

Why do you want to Join MK ?: Well there's not only one reason which made MK appealing to me. The day when my interest first developed was the day when my buddy aegon became a part of MK (i was in iNs that time). It was from that time onwards that i got to interact with many respectable members of the MK family such as faf and Tazz. That interaction actually increased my interest in MK because of how polite, friendly, and equally motivational MK members proved themselves to be. And yes, during the course of my VC:MP journey, I got inducted into the staff of many reputed servers and since many MK members are already serving there, it just made my bond of friendship more stronger with them as working along with them actually proved to be a great learning experience for me. It was another reason which further increased my interest in Miami Killers family. Talking about now, many of my close buddies or the ones whom i can personally call brothers such as Tim, combot, oreocake, ego, Devil_jin alongside tarkan, haltcher, cool3, tazz are here and being in same family with them is actually a matter of honor for me. So yep, I wish to join Clan MK.

Why did you Leave your previous clan/s: There's only one clan in which i had been till this date and it was iNs - Team iNsomniacs.
It got officially closed recently due to some reasons. Full story regarding that can be found here:

IRC or Any other contact info: Discord id: iBEE_tH3_RuL3R#0421

Interested In Playing Clan Wars: Yes, Of course!

Any Other Info You Would Like To Share: Well i would like to share some more information regarding myself as a person. First of all let's lay some emphasis on the most common factor concerning clans and families: LOYALTY.
I am my own example in this regard as I remained loyal to a clan till end which was almost dead from the past couple of months. I actually demonstrated my best for my previous clan in the time it needed those efforts and yes, they really proved to be worth it. I did my best both as a beginner member in the past and as a leader to this date. The thing which makes me incredibly proud of myself is the fact that I never thought of leaving my previous clan for some other reputed or a better one, an act normally not done by the newbies of VC:MP, and I sticked to it till the end. So yeah, I think that my level of loyalty can be judged from here. When i am committed to something, I actually demonstrate that commitment rather than changing my mind again and again. Right now, i am committed in joining MK, and yes, that's it. ;)
Speaking of other things as well, I think of myself to be quite of a mature and a sensible person. When a situation surrounds me where my judgmental and decision making skills are required, then i actually show my best in those situations and the eventual  outcomes prove to be almost exactly as my expectations: POSITIVE
As far as VC:MP is concerned, these traits actually became stronger in me when i started contributing as a staff member in various servers of vc:mp, and started leading my former clan, giving me loads of helpful experience which shaped my skeptical, analytical, and judgmental skills. Many respectable members of MK family who work with me as staff members are quite familiar with these traits of mine (that's what I think).
So yeah it's pretty much I have to say right now, if anyone of you has any sort of questions or queries, you are more than welcome to go ahead and ask.

Post link to your previous Application/s at MK if any: This is my first application here in MK.

xxTic has been kicked from the clan

May 19, 2020, 10:00:08 am by FaF | Views: 1069 | Comments: 39

As some of you might have noticed that few hours ago there were some spam posts by Tic/Morfin which were actually done by Hunting through his account. Initially I thought maybe Tic is a victim of an account breach but on confronting him, he just says that he casually shared his account details with Hunting.

Now, i doubt anyone would believe that anyone in this community would share their details with that notorious kid without any strong reason. It could be that you are good friends with him or maybe its an exchange for something like hacks.

Tic has decided to lie and not share the actual reason for why he shared his account details. In any case it is a very immature act.

Therefore it has been decided to kick Tic out of the clan and also i urge everyone to revoke further communications with likes of him.


xxQuarantine April Promotions

April 19, 2020, 04:38:39 pm by 7/\zZ | Views: 633 | Comments: 21

I would like to announce promotions of  our members who have truly earned this.

1. Morfin/Tic- 2 years ago you applied and since then you have been climbing this stair with us, a chill guy that tries to troll like FaF sensei but ofc you cant, keep trying son! Congratz mate you earned Full MK tag now.

2. Fi77_H0LD3R - Your loyalty towards the clan is well appreciated as well as you attitude shown all this time since you applied. I'm Glad to promote you to Full MK today mate.

3. Tim/ ~Aspire - It's a pleasure to promote you today to Scout ,you have shown us loyalty as well as that you really want to be part this family even when things in the past weren't that easy.

4. Oreocake - You are a great lad with a maturity not seen on those of the same age. Its a pleasure to promote you to Scout mate.

5. XiaoKeAi - Our little stunter! its really incredible all the effort you put in those stunt clips you do and how you are nice and pleasant person to everyone around you. Promoted to Scout.

6. Combot - For me ,out of nowhere you showed up and for the good! You are easy and calm lad never saw you into any controversy, we appreciate your loyalty towards the family.Promoted to Scout.

Congrats and Good Luck to all of you!!

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