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News: Dec 1st, 2019: Cool3 has been promoted to Mod.

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xxSan has been kicked

November 04, 2019, 11:08:17 am by FaF | Views: 385 | Comments: 2

Alot of people might think that this is rather some personal issue and the kick is not justified but there are alot who do support this. This post is not intended to explain everything that happened, rather the main reason for the kick and be to the point.

I basically felt that it is hard to be with a person who being inexperienced and immature tries to act oversmart and considers their own self to be all knowing and mature while considering others as fools who are actually well experienced and much older than them.

While i totally expect such behaviour from kids of her age but still I have seen much better ones in more quantity so I dont consider age as an excuse for it here.

While they dont like being called kids, which is okay as alot of times it is used as an insult on internet but they dont even consider adults who are like 10 years older than them or so as adults and go on to not listen to them, disregard their views and disrespect them.

They dont wanna be treated as kids, they say that "just because i am a trainee, i dont have a self respect" yet they dont treat their clan leader like one and dont care about his self respect and go on calling him as egoistic and ignorant after all the support that was offered to them in their harsh times.

Most of the players who show interest to join this clan or are trainees try their best to respect the staff and seniors because how do you expect to survive and grow if you are disrespecting your seniors. You want respect but you dont wanna give. You can be a brat somewhere else amongst other brats but not here.

You think you are very smart and others are dumb. You illogically want to force your views and dominate others. Well i dont like being with such people who are very arrogant in their approach and talk more and listen less and since I cannot leave my own clan because of some kid, I asked the kid to leave if she has issues here, to which she arrogantly replied and asked to be kicked.

Also i would like to highlight that people who know me know that how much i care for our members, how much i put efforts to keep them here comfortably. For eg. convincing the members who leave to think about it once again and return to the family. So you can understand the extent of this matter that it made me take such kind of decision that i never really take.

Ill also lock this topic because such people have tendency to get excited when they read things against them and start flaming.

xxSeptember Promotions

September 28, 2019, 07:58:48 pm by 7/\zZ | Views: 568 | Comments: 18

I would like to announce promotions of two of our members who have truly earned this.

1. Ego- Your loyalty and integration in the clan as well as being a well manered and skilled guy  have earned you this. Hope to have you around for more and more years.

2. re4misty - Your skills and loyalty have earned you this ! We hope you can grow even more with us.
Promoted to Scout!

Congrats and Good Luck!

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